Steps To Buy Prepaid Using ECG App

Steps To Buy Prepaid Using ECG App

The government recommends that Ghana electricity users buy prepaid using the ECG App to prevent crowding at ECG vendor offices.

It is now easy for anyone to buy ECG Prepaid on their phone using the ECG App.

What is ECG App?

ECG App is a mobile-friendly app that allows you to pay prepaid and postpaid bills, check power use, and receive notifications about any ECG activity.

Power may be purchased immediately anywhere and at any time. On the periodic chart, keep track of your intake on a daily and monthly basis. Pay ECG invoices, check your ECG account balance, and many other things.

Requirements to use the ECG App

To be able to use the ECG App to buy prepaid, make sure you have considered the list requirements below;

  • A valid phone number linked with Mobile Money account
  • Loaded cash on the mobile wallet
  • Internet Connection on phone
  • Meter Number

Prepaid and Postpaid

Although prepaid denotes utility payment in advance, but postpaid denotes a utility supply that has already been paid for, the Prepaid is merely meter credit that most people buy with a card, and the Postpaid is the one that is paid to ECG staff based on use.

Now, let us go through Pcstartup steps to buy prepaid on ECG App.

Steps To Buy Prepaid on ECG App

Here are steps on how to buy Prepaid on the ECG App;

1: Download the ECG App on your Google Play Store or AppStore.

ECG App 1

2: Once installed, Sign up for an account on the App and Sign In with the account you just created.

ECG App 2

3: Before you begin using the up, register your phone number on the ECG App. A code will be sent to your phone to verify the number.

ECG App 3

4: Proceed to add the meter by clicking the plus icon as shown in the image below. You can add multiple meters just by entering the “Meter Number”.

ECG App 4

5. Go to the Payments tab to choose the Meter you want to buy Prepaid for then choose your Payment Method.

ECG App 5

Accepted Payment Methods on ECG App;

  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Vodafone Cash
  • AirtelTigo Money

6. Enter your Phone Number and Amount to Prepaid buy Prepaid using ECG App.

7. Click on submit.

ECG App 6

8. Accept the mobile money prompt on your phone to confirm the prepaid purchase on the ECG App. Your prepaid meter will be credited for electricity.


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